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Cartier also has a skull watch among its series of turbine watches, known for their spinning blades on the dials. The Turbine Toxic Special Edition bears the image of a skull and crossbones, visible when the 12 blade wheel spins, and is powered by Cartier automatic Double Rotor movement. The men version Cartier Pasha replica watches are set with 210 dia?monds and the lady variation with 155 dia?monds. Cartier features a glow in the dark skull on its dial. The BR 01 Airborne was developed in honor of the courageous soldiers who fought during World War II, particularly the paratroopers of the US Airborne divisions. The skull was one of the emblems they wore on their uniforms as a symbol of courage in the face of death.

The Cartier has a case made of ultra light, ultra hard ceramized aluminum and its skeletonized movement, with bridges sculpted to look like actual bones and a tourbillon barret in the shape of a skull, has undergone a laser machining process that create a relief 3D appearance on these replica Cartier Pasha watches.

A complication is a pretty thing, but it certainly does not improve the legibility of a watch time display. And since the time of day is the most frequently sought information on a watch dial, it makes perfect sense to concentrate on the bare essentials, hours, minutes and perhaps also a subdial for the seconds hand to show that the watch is still running. Even the presence of a date display can detract from the perfect harmony and clarity of a dial. The beauty of Cartier resides in their simplicity. Absolutely nothing superfluous can be found on these gorgeously pure wristwatches. Both brands rank among the world finest manufactures. And each has roots that reach back to the 19th century. Lange developed the three quarters plate and built pocket Cartier Pasha fake watches famous for their high quality.